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Since many years now, KOP-TEAM is supporting social projects all over the world.

In 2016, KOP-TEAM has promoted the below stated two institutions:



Very well known and highly respected Insurance Company OTT celebrated its 50-years anniversary in 2014.

Together with his partners and clients, company founder WOLFGANG OTT who died in 2010 collected donations of more than 250,000 € for a registered association called „Federation of children’s hospices in Germany“.

To ensure a longstanding commitment in this regard, WOLFGANG OTT Foundation was established.

Nowadays, WOLFGANG OTT Foundation is supporting not only children ́s hospices but also families in need to help making their lives better.


KOBRA e.V., registered association

KOBRA e.V. was founded as a charitable registered association in Stuttgart in May 1988 addressing its issues to support children, young people and adolescents as well as their families.

Counseling and therapy not only for children and young people affected by sexual violence but also for children and young people showing such kind of behavior patterns. KOBRA ́s objectives are to sponsor such institutions and counteract sexual violence against children and young people.

Above all, KOBRA e.V. is engaged in the fields of

• counseling and therapy

• prevention & public relation

• training activities

web page KOBRA e.V.

KOP-TEAM’s engagement is a contribute to help making the life of affected children and their families easier and more tolerable, even far more: put a smile on their faces.

We would be very pleased if you contribute to supporting this amazing work of WOLFGANG OTT Foundation and KOBRA e.V. with a small donation.